About Me!

Hello friends! I'm Lindsay, 25, writing from Brooklyn, NY. So let's start from the beginning:

  • I was born in Ohio. I had lots of frilly dresses.
  • Age 5: I proclaimed, "MY LIFE IS A FASHION SHOW!" Big moment.
  • Age 10: I moved to Indiana. I was probably wearing something horrible like Airwalks.
  • Age 17: Moved off to Butler University in the big city Indianapolis.
  • Age 21: Graduated with a BS in Arts Administration and Theatre. (Hey! I wanted to study costumes!)
  • Age 21 (Three days later): Lindsay was officially living in NY.
  • Age 25: GOT ENGAGED!!!
  • Age 25: Graduated at Fashion Institute of Technology in Fashion Merchandising (Apparently I wasn't done studying costumes just yet!)
Until this point, I've been indulging in way too many restaurant weeks, exploring every inch of the city I can get my hands on, and conversely trying to escape the city every chance I get.  It's been a wild ride, but well worth it.