Best Fashion x Tech Stocking Stuffers

Dec 12

Tech has really gone chic. It’s not just fun getting our gadgets anymore. Now we get to accessorize them! Here are my top picks for give your gadget a little dose of fashion!

Cord manager, $12.99: This is ideal for almost anyone. Whether you have one or ten gadgets, cords are always in the way!

Iphone Case, $24.99: Let your phone express your creativity!

Headphones, $98: Why not add fashion and function together?

IPad cover, $199: It’s fun and furry. What’s not to adore?

Iphone Dock, $48: It’s fun, whimsy, and gives you a place to always find your phone.

Phone Charm, $22: Everyone loves personalization and customization!

What’s your favorite gadget accessory?


  • Sarah Stright

    The husband wants new headphones- do you think he’d appreciate these? :)

    • Lindsay Lee

      Hahahah. He would TOTALLY love them. I would actually recommend Bassbuds, which I’ll be doing a review on soon.

  • Catherine Harper

    My husband needs a cord manager so badly! I wonder if that would work for other types of cords?

    • Lindsay Lee

      I think Quirky actually has a cord manager on their site, beside this one. You should go check it out. They have great prices too!

      • Catherine Harper

        I will, thanks! His cords drive me insane and they are all over my kitchen!

        • Lindsay Lee

          I know how much of pain they can be. I would also try As Seen On TV. They have a surprisingly good assortment of functional items.