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Mar 13

March Glossybox

This month, the theme for Glossybox was international beauty, which I loved! It was a great mix of skincare, body, makeup, and nails. My reviews are below! Bvlgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc Soap: I love this soap. It’s a luxe scent and extremely calming. I’m always nervous to try bar soaps, but this one [...]

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Feb 15

DHC BB Cream

In this past year, I’ve grown to love bb creams. They’re effective, easy, and cut down on time. This February, DHC has released their first bb cream and I was lucky to have the chance to try it first hand (c/0). Because their other products have been so successful with my skin, I had high [...]

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Feb 13

Total Moisture

I was hoping I would be done talking about moisturizing products by now, but apparently mother nature doesn’t think that’s a good idea! I was actually planning to do a round-up of my favorite moisturizers, but then I met my match. I was recently introduced to H20+ TOTAL SOURCE™ Advanced Age Repair. I was able to [...]

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Feb 1

White Lightning

Even though I’ve cut out the coffee in my life, I still have the remnants of coffee-filled days on my teeth. Not cute, right? I tried a few different teeth whitening solutions (toothpaste, gel, strips) before the wedding last year, but the stains didn’t seem to budge. And we all know I can’t afford whitening [...]

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Jan 30

How to Wear Red

My favorite makeup staple is the red lip. I love it! It’s classic, yet always makes a name for itself. In my book, you can never have too many red lipsticks.  I know that a lot of people are timid around a bold lip and it truly breaks my heart. If they only knew the [...]

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Jan 16

Skin Detox

Just because my cleanse went horribly doesn’t mean I’ve banned all detoxes. About once a month, I try to really get a deep clean on my face. As much as I’d love to do monthly facials, my budget doesn’t quite allow it. I always start with a toning mask and move to on to a [...]

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Jan 15

D-Tach Brush Review

The one thing I have yet to master is a blow dry. With a load of thick hair, it takes forever. Add in a lack of coordination and arm muscles, and you’ll see my problem. I was then introduced to the D-tach brush and had high hopes. Here’s the premise: it’s a round brush with [...]

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Jan 9

No More Dry

This winter has been a rough one. Luckily there was no snow, but my body has definitely felt it. I’m lips have been more chapped than ever. My skin is scaly, which never happened even when I was a swimmer. And my scalp is a little too flaky for my liking. Luckily, I was able [...]

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Jan 8

Retro Barbie Hair

 Last week, I showed you some Barbie makeup and this week, I’m here to show you Barbie hair! If you’re anything like me, when you think of Barbie hair, you think of the signature ponytail (seen above). It’s all about height in the crown, a high pony, and that cute little flip in the ends. [...]

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Jan 1

Redefine Yourself

You need to know Sheila Kelley.  Not only did she star in Gossip Girl and Lost, but she also has created S Factor, an all-encompassing workout for women.  By saying that it’s a pole dancing class would be bastardizing it. It’s an experience that challenges you physically, mentally, and emotionally. In the grand scheme of [...]

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