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Mar 21

I Need Some Sneaks!

You know how I always write down what I’m missing in my closet? Well, lately it’s been a good pair of sneakers. While I have my running shoes (that definitely have a lack of attention), I don’t have a stylish pair that I can use for those days that I just need to be comfortable. [...]

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Mar 14

On The Bag Search

I feel like I never got over my whole crossbody obsession. Especially now that we’re in Austin, I feel the need to keep my style more low-key and relaxed. I also love the idea of being hands-free while shopping, taking walks, or just running errands. Luckily I was introduced to some great evening bags that [...]

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Feb 21

Nolcha FW 2013

I always enjoy Nolcha Fashion Week for the element of surprise. Because of the wide array of independent designers, there’s an excitement that other shows don’t hold. Usually I give you a rundown of all of the shows and designers, but this year, I really wanted to present a more, curated review. Instead of showing [...]

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Feb 20

Monika Chiang FW 2013

I’m over on Fashionably Petite reviewing the Monika Chiang FW 2013 collection!

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Feb 19

ØDD FW 2013

Images Courtesy of Dan Lecca This was the show I was most disappointed to miss. I’m a huge fan of high impact minimalism, which ØDD has perfected. It’s a bit androgynous, simple in color scheme, and relies on draping and geometrics to create an unparalleled style. It’s a mix between Helmut Lang, Rick Owens, and Oak [...]

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Feb 18

CZAR by Cesar Galindo FW 2013

This season, CZAR gave us a similar show to last season. While the clothes, music, and beauty may have been different, it was the same premise. Each look on it’s own was wearable, but as a collection it was incohesive. Skirts were short, full, and flowing. Silhouettes weren’t balanced and often seemed contradictory. There were [...]

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Feb 11

Susan Woo FW 2013

It’s that time of year again! You can find me over at Fashionably Petite today with my coverage of Susan Woo FW 2013.  

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Feb 8

#IFBcon Recap

Recently I was given the opportunity to attend #IFBcon and catch my experience on my #HTCOneX thanks to #TroopOneX, to which I owe them a huge thank you! Since I had not attended in a couple of seasons, I was ready to see how it had grown and changed.  Last time I attended, the conference [...]

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Feb 4

How To Spot A Fake Bag

Fake bags are my arch nemesis.  I’ve written about my hatred of them before (here), but I felt like maybe I needed to bring them up again after a recent incident. As you all know, I love me some Poshmark. However, the one thing I don’t love are the plethora of knockoffs, fakes, replicas, and [...]

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Jan 28

Micky London SS 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of checking out the Micky London showroom with their new spring collection on display. The most exciting part is that they have launched their website to include online shopping! Hooray! If you remember, I attended the Micky London showroom when I was first getting my start in the blogging [...]

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