Best Lounges of NYFW

Sep 21

One of the best perks of NYFW is the complimentary lounges and spa offerings.  Not only is it an instant rejuvenation stop, but also a great way to have some fun in between shows and events.  Thank you to all of the wonderful companies and brands that made these events possible.  You made my life truly heavenly during a chaotic week! Here are some of my picks for the top lounge choices during this season:

1. Mandarin Oriental, MO_Bar: Besides the close distance to Lincoln Center, it was like entertaining a new world.  Set on the 35th floor, MO_Bar offered free drinks and snacks, as well as a charging station.  It was serene, luxurious, and offered a beautiful view. I kind of wish I lived there.

2. Cygalle Spa at the Empire Hotel: On the rooftop of the 11th floor of the Empire Hotel, Cygalle took over to create a gorgeous light and airy environment, perfectly taking advantage of the warm weather.  They offered organic drinks as well as free back massages, which was much needed after carrying giant bags around all day.

3. Birchbox Sample Stop: There’s no competition. Birchbox Sample Stop was the place to be this season.  With walls lined with samples, it was a girly girl’s paradise.  You could get your nails done, hair did, eyebrows fixed, and your makeup touched up.  Oh, and did I mention there was candy?

4. Clarin’s Spa at the Empire Hotel: With the convenience of location, I wanted to spend all day at Clarin’s. They offered a luxurious suite for makeup touchups as well as free massages and blogging stations.  It was very relaxed and I am now addicted to the Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm, which is another post in itself.

5. Duane Street Hotel Blogger’s Lounge: Although slightly outside of the fashion week madness, it was a perfect side trip.  Duane Street Hotel offered drinks (Perrier grapefruit sparkling water, anyone?), snacks (yummy brownies), and a very generous gift bag.  I definitely took advantage of the free makeup at nearby salon Pas de Deux too. Fumi is excellent at smokey eyes!

What’s your favorite perk of NYFW?

  • Sarah

    Totally jealous. I want some spa action!

    • Lindsay

      You totally deserve it!

  • Kim

    now that’s classy! i’ve heard wonderful things about mandarin oriental. everyone offered some really nice services for FREE. :)

    • Lindsay

      Yeah, free was my favorite! :)

  • Hannah

    I had no idea this went on during NYFW. Now I’m even more jealous of all your fashion week fun!

    • Lindsay

      Soon it’ll come to Boston too and you’ll have your own fun. This was my first year to enjoy the extra perks too, so I never knew either!