I Need Some Sneaks!

Mar 21

You know how I always write down what I’m missing in my closet? Well, lately it’s been a good pair of sneakers. While I have my running shoes (that definitely have a lack of attention), I don’t have a stylish pair that I can use for those days that I just need to be comfortable.

Then I started thinking about high school and when my grandma used to take me shopping. We always found the cutest Lacoste sneakers together! I figured it was time to revisit my old favorites and they didn’t disappoint.

Andover 13 Sneaker (As seen above): Wouldn’t these be adorable with some jean capris and a cute white button-down shirt? They totally have the whole 1950′s vibe going on!



Vallareta Shoe: These are adorable. Red has been my color as of late, so I love the bold simplicity of these.



Vallejo Leather: Last but not least, I like these for a nice simple look. They’re easy, no-fuss, and a great basic to own.

What’s your sneaker style?


  • Kim A.

    Those are so cute! Get them Lindsay!

    • blackblondeone

      Thanks, Kim!

  • Kaitlyn Pierce

    love the black ones! Sneakers will be your best friend! lol

    • blackblondeone

      Yeah, especially standing all day long I need comfy shoes!

  • Kathleen Lisson

    I like the black and the white sneaker. I want something almost dainty in a sneaker, my actual running shoes are much more ‘athletic.’