Narcisco Rodriguez x Kohl’s

Nov 27

I want to start by telling you how much I love Narcisco Rodriguez. He’s one of the few designers that understands, appreciates, and works with the woman’s body.  He creates garments that shape and highlight the natural curves women are so blessed with.  Now, when I heard he was doing a collaboration with Kohl’s, my eyes rolled far back in my head. Another designer diffusion line? And at Kohl’s? I was not impressed.

After checking out the collection, I was torn. It was pretty. Narcisco used his modern aesthetic, but in a new, more youthful way. I really wanted the Colorblock Ponte Sheath Dress, but I also really don’t care for lower end designer pieces, mostly due to the quality being sacrificed.

Luckily Catherine came to the rescue! Since she lives in Austin and near a Kohl’s, she checked out the collection in person. She agreed that the quality wasn’t top notch, but that some pieces, including my dress, seemed to be solid. After a discount, a promo code, and some shopping confidence, I purchased the dress.  And Catherine bought a shirt!

So what are my end feelings? I like the dress. I really do. It’s pretty and modern and very versatile. It’s 100% polyester, but what can I expect for $40? If you’re interested in the line, definitely order a size down and search for coupons. Kohl’s is notorious for sales and markdowns. Catherine also has shared her tips over on Walking With Cake, so go check it out!

What do you think of the NR x Kohl’s collection?


  • Sarah Stright

    Well I love that dress on you- so I think it’s a great purchase! I’m definitely going to have to look into the line!

    • blackblondeone

      I think there are definitely some pieces you would love! So happy to have you back!!

  • Catherine Harper

    You look great and it was fun conducting this little experiment! :)

    • blackblondeone

      You look great as well! We should do this again sometime! :)

  • Terry S.

    LOVE that dress. Gorgeous.


    • blackblondeone

      Thanks, Terry! It’s definitely a nice change to my all black wardrobe!