Jun 23

Dealing with Criticism

Today we have Catherine from Small Town, Big Wardrobe. We met through #BlogTrends and have connected further over our common Midwestern roots. I’m so excited for you to read her post, since it’s something I often struggle with as well. I am a sensitive soul. I mentally rehash every gesture, tone and word. I get [...]

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just married
Jun 22

Mrs. Lindsay Lee

Image Source By the time you’re seeing this, I will have made the move to the married side!  While not quite legally yet, I am now Mrs. Lindsay Lee (or Lee Tai Tai in Mandarin)! You can ask my parents, I never thought I was going to get married. Although I have always been a [...]

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Jun 21

One Year.

Happy one year to Black + Blonde One! It’s been one year full of a big learning curve, a busy schedule, and lots of photos.  Let me take you back. I was in a job that wasn’t fulfilling my creative and fashion needs. I needed something to take up my free time and something to [...]

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Jun 20

The Perks of Himalayan Salt

Today we have Rachel of Symbiotic Life.  Her and I have been friends now since fall of 2011, through blogging. She left a wonderfully, intricate comment and we started emailing back and forth.  She’s grown to become one of my best friends, online or not.  One day, the stars will align, we’ll both we rich, [...]

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Jun 19

Clayphory Cake Toppers

Hi Everybody! I’m Kim from A Very Sweet Blog. I was super excited when the lovely Lindsay asked me to guest post for her while she and her handsome hubby are away getting married. Lindsay and I have been blog buddies for about a year now and I love her to pieces. She was instrumental [...]

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Jun 18

Minty Fresh

Today we have Danielle, who is a recently acquired friend from #BlogTrends. She is very talented and I’m so happy to share her with yout! Thanks, Danielle!   Hey everyone! My name is Danielle and I blog over at Framed Frosting. I am so thrilled to be here today. I’ve put together a fashion post [...]

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Jun 17

Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Dad, First off, Happy Father’s Day!  You just got this beautiful Parker pen in the mail.  I wanted to send you part of the Ingenuity Collection because that’s who you are; inventive and resourceful. You have always been Mr. Do-It-All. Whether you’re at home building me a shoe rack, in Japan viewing the latest Honda models, [...]

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photo 1
Jun 16

Finding Your Personal Style

Today we have Sarah from Coming Unstitched. This lovely lady and I share Ohio roots and we’ve both been planning a wedding. I truly treasure her friendship, internet-based or not, and I can’t wait to see what she does for her wedding. PS-She’s always good for a laugh! Hey everybody! I’m Sarah from Coming Unstitched [...]

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coffee workout prep
Jun 15

Fitness Tip That Encourages Lattes! (Non-fat, of course)

Today with have Ashia (pronouced Ah-she-Ah) from Clueless Fashionista to tell us a little bit about her workout preparations! Make her feel welcome because she’s such a sweetheart! Thank you, Ashia! One of the main reasons I’ve used for not working out in the past is lack of energy. There are times when I have [...]

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Jun 14

Put A Ring On It

Today we have Amber from Browsing Brunette guest posting while I’m away. We met on Twitter and soon became best buds. I found out that she lives in Indiana (my home state) and loves statement pieces as much as I do. I’m honored to have her guest posting while I’m off getting married! In honor [...]

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